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AuthorDaniel Collins

Take a look at this year's demo reel (or the previous ones) and you can get a sense of the type of work we did over the past 12 months. But what might not be clear is the other half of our business, Channel Productions, the side that creates video at enterprise scale. 

In many ways, it's the one thing that sets us apart from traditional production companies.  

  • Many production companies can create wicked smart video.
  • Many production companies have "go-to" crews that they consistently tap for projects. 
  • Many production companies have online management systems. 

We do these things too. 

But when StudioNow began (in 2007), we based our model on a decentralized network of creative professionals. Densely located across the country, it not only greatly reduces costs but also improves order-shoot-completion times. A distributed network eliminates geographic barriers while also keeping everything local. Our broad coverage allows simultaneous production to effectively erase volume constraints. 

To make it all happen, our online platform makes everything realtime, collaborative and endlessly simple. An elegant end-to-end solution, it provides a customized and powerful workflow for your production needs.

But what about the human touch? Is everything outsourced to Bangalore? Quite the contrary. We have a whole team of in-house producers dedicated to each client — guaranteeing smooth project schedules and delighted customers. The Channel team makes sure high volume stays on track with high quality. And as for the network of creatives, we have a team fully devoted to them, curating and maintaining the best talent in every market. 

AuthorDaniel Collins

Frozen Fire is a video production company and business development firm headquartered in Dallas, TX. Since 1999, they have helped hundreds of businesses create great content, and a decade later, began partnering with StudioNow for a wide range of productions all over the Dallas area. With their team of video producers, directors, videographers, editors and designers, they are able to pick up projects of all shapes and sizes.

For the fourth installment of our "Reversing the Lens" video series, Frozen Fire volunteered to speak a few words about how they've been able to flourish with StudioNow while maintaining their current client base. It is a pleasure to hear as Frozen Fire remains a rock solid resource that we can always depend on, no matter what type of project we throw their way. 

AuthorDaniel Collins

When it comes to the basics, filmmakers need to have their bases covered. You need to have the essentials of the craft mastered just to get in the door. But how does a great filmmaker stand out from the rest? We tried to answer that question from the perspective of shooting a 'standard' business profile video. In general, we see the differences manifest in at least two ways:

  1. How they approach a shoot from a creative perspective
  2. How they interact and engage with the client. 

The video below tries to provide some context around these issues. Take a look: 

Some of things discussed in the video:

1. Story / Personality / Passion

  • How to draw out the brand's story
  • How to prep before you get there
  • Getting the interviewee comfortable
  • Client familiarization - whether they are plumbers, roofers, artisans, boutique proprietors with special products needing unique presentation - you need to have a solid grasp of what makes them special
  • Going beyond provided interview questions
  • How to elicit their passion for their product
  • The goal is to bring the client's personality to life

2. Techniques for Capturing the Visuals on set

  • How to use 2 cameras / punch in
  • How to use rack focus and camera movement
  • Angles / Framing / Depth of Field
  • Making the most of what you've got: how to deal with a bad location

3. Stylized Telling / Editing 

  • Skip boring intros and start in medias res
  • Start with most compelling or most relevant shot
  • Post production effects like lens flare, color grading, etc.

There is no end to the number of effects and strategies that filmmakers can deploy to push creative boundaries. The trick is keep moving. Don't overuse any one approach, and don't think inserting a few simple gimmicks will do much for the overall video if the storytelling is not first and foremost. We are always looking for fresh ways to tell stories — leave examples in the contents if you have seen any recently.

AuthorDaniel Collins

A stori A film is a production company based out of New York City. Starting in 2009, Andrew Waffenschmidt and John Gebhart formed A stori A film to create web content for several corporate clients, as well as work with several independent film producers. As a team, they produce a wide array of content, from testimonial videos, sketch comedy, dramatic narrative, music videos, to promo videos. While each of them is a well-rounded filmmaker in his own right, their partnership works because John brings a strong eye as a videographer, while Andrew makes the magic happen in post-production.

Not only do John and Andrew thrive in the competitive production landscape in New York City, but they also find time to give back. For a second year in a row, they will be returning to Winona, Minnesota to teach a workshop on filmmaking to a group of high school students, where they help the class make a short film in just 6 days. So it was no surprise that they offered to speak about their experiences working with StudioNow. As the third part in the “Reversing The Lens” series, A stori A film provides a look into a small company that we recently recruited and how our partnership has grown their business. Thanks, Andrew and John! 


AuthorDaniel Collins