Improved Vendor Management in the StudioNow Platform

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest feature in the StudioNow Platform, Vendor Management. The release of Vendor Management introduces a major component into StudioNow that will more readily assist producers in the selection of Vendors for projects. The ability to more quickly find and narrow the field to select the right vendor candidates is expected to be a dramatic efficiency gain. In the near future, this feature will also serve up even more detailed vendor-provided information and continue to help users manage their vendor relationships.

Let's take a look at how this feature works.

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10 Powerful Quotes from the 2017 ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference

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The StudioNow team had the pleasure of attending and sponsoring the annual ANA Advertising Financial Management Conference last week in San Diego, CA. It was a one-of-a-kind event bringing together over 700 top-tier brand marketing, procurement and finance professionals with key industry stakeholders. Well respected speakers led the charge discussing hot topics ranging from how to better connect to consumers digitally, to the value of transparency in production. Timely topics, engaging debates paired with thoughtful Q&A sessions and a lively dialogue made this year’s ANA AFM Conference an invaluable event to attend.

Though the four-day event has come and gone, we were so inspired by the speakers who illuminated the conference stage that we have compiled some of their most inspiring quotes to share with you. 

Scroll through the list below for highlights from the conference and submit your own to be added to this list.

Optimization is the enemy of innovation.
     - Louis Paskalis, Senior Vice President, Global Media Executive, Bank of America (@loupas) Tweet This!
If your persistence is greater than their resistance, then you will win.
     - Babs Rangaiah, Executive Partner, Global Marketing, IBM iX (@babs26)
Innovation is a cultural change driven from the top.
     - Darren Woolleys, Founder & Global CEO, TrinityP3 Marketing Management Consultants (@darrenp3) Tweet This!
Brands are connecting & winning with customers by not just storytelling, but with storyliving.”
     - Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast, Barkley (@jefffromm)
“Managing data across devices and technologies is vital if marketers want to meet expectations of consumers.”
     - Geoff Ramsey, Co-Founder & Chief Innovative Officer, eMarketer (@geofframsey)

“Digital advertising needs a heart to be emotionally effective.”
     - Jeff Goodby, Co-Chairman and Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners (@jeffbadby)
Marketers today are faced with a tough reality: greater demand for video content with tightening budgets and the need for increased efficiencies.
     - Kelly Metz, Vice President, Business Development, StudioNow (@studionow) Tweet This! 
“Great work comes from trust, people do their best creative work when they are in a trust based relationship with clients.
     - Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, 4A’s (@meknyc)
“In-house agencies can be a valuable asset, both in terms of producing quality work and in bringing down costs.”
     - ANA Marketers (@anamarketers)
It's about feeding that insatiable beast with content that is the Internet.
     - Nick Felder, Group Director, Film Production, The Coca-Cola Company (@LNFelder) Tweet This!

It was a great year at the ANA AFM Conference. A huge thank you to all who came to the StudioNow sponsored breakfast and exhibitor booth! We look forward to continuing the discussion on the importance of transparency in video production. To schedule a demo of The StudioNow Platform, drop us a line.

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