Sep 19th 2011 1:16PM

See Part One on PreProduction here.

At this point, you have been through all the necessary pre-production, and it is now time for the actual shoot. Below is an overview of how to handle on-site production of a business profile video:

Paying attention to these tips and nuances can significantly improve your final product, as well as streamline your overall production workflow:

1) Get there early to allow for navigation/parking and to unload your gear.

2) Find your contact and introduce yourself. If you cannot find the advertiser, please contact the StudioNow office immediately. Please stick around for up to 30 minutes before leaving in case that the advertiser is caught up with a customer, etc. Do not leave until you have spoken with someone at StudioNow.

3) The tone and success of most projects are determined within the 15 minutes of every shoot. In general, if they like you and you respect their opinions - things go much easier throughout the life of the project.

4) The pre-shoot consultation - it is critical that you sit down to review/walk through the on-site production checklist with the customer before rolling camera. This introduces the customer to process - it puts them at ease and helps organize their thoughts. Most importantly, it helps manage everyone's expectations. Post the Filming-in-progress sign and get all releases signed from anyone who is speaks on camera or is clearly recognizable. All children who appear on screen must have releases signed for all StudioNow shoots.

5) The interview - the advertiser has prepared their talking points ahead of time - it is your job to elicit those points out of them in the interview. Take notes to make sure you have a firm understanding of B-roll you will need to get. When choosing the location for the interview, consider the factors of lighting, audio and if it will provide an accurate portrayal of the company's facility. Avoid backlighting from windows when interviewing the advertiser. When filming the customer testimonials, vary up each framing when possible.

6) Filming B-roll - The key here is to OVERSHOOT. You want to make sure you capture a diverse range of shots including Wide and Close Ups, Pans, Zooms and Rack-focus shots to keep your visuals interesting. Anything shot that is not rock steady, reshoot. If an individual with an unsigned release steps into the frame, reshoot it. Shoot each room from a variety of angles. Your main goal is to capture enough coverage so you do not have to return to get a different shot.

7) Do not leave without signed releases! The signed Production Checklist ensures that you have final sign off from the customer and have fulfilled your obligations on set!

Now onto Post-production - stay tuned until next week. The final and most important to remember while in production on site: if anything changes or any requests emerge outside of the scope set out in the StudioNow guidelines, please call us prior to discussing further with the customer.

AuthorDaniel Collins