Jun 13th 2011 2:49PM


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As the old rule goes, "People will watch a black screen but no one will watch a movie with bad sound," the same is even more true for short online content.

In fact, since so many of our projects are driven by documentary style interview audio, bad audio is a deal killer. Even as less-than-ideal-looking video often goes by unnoticed.

Before you consider upgrading to a new camera (particularly to HDSLR!), its critical that you first have youraudio capture techniques under control:

  • Use an external mic (lav microphones are required unless otherwise instructed)
  • Monitor the levels on your LCD. They should average between -6 and -12 db.
  • Monitor in headphones for clarity and to detect any interference issues.

Without those production standards in place, its very likely that your entire edit (no matter how good the visuals look) will not be accepted. Particularly as you are starting out, invest your time and resources in sound, the actual image quality can be far less competent (shhh, don't tell anyone). There is always room to improve on the image side of things, but the audio has to be above a certain quality threshold from the start.

AuthorDaniel Collins