Jun 9th 2011 10:45AM


A lot of people can create terrific looking video. Loads of people are passionate about telling beautiful, cinematic stories. And some of them can even do it for insanely lower costs than ever before.

But there is one thing that sets apart people in this group: What are they actually like to work with?

When we book filmmakers, the leading reason is simple: their reel. We love finding filmmakers with a stunning portfolio (hosting on vimeo vs. youtube is a good indication that they are attentive to a high quality online viewing experience). It's even better when not only the visuals and sound are great, but also when the actual content is similar to what we are looking for.

But, when we rebook with repeat filmmakers - the question is generally a different one: What were their personal interactions like with us? We are obviously interested in how a filmmaker interacts with our clients, but how did they handle production curveballs? Did they nickel + dime every little opportunity? How did they communicate under pressure? Did they communicate well?

Filmmakers who rate well on these categories, almost always top the list in rebooking.

Perhaps not unsurprisingly, its not unusual to call a less talented filmmaker with good rapport than a more qualified filmmaker with a complaining disposition.

AuthorDaniel Collins