Aug 3rd 2012 11:38AM


Our first book giveaway was a big success (awarded to @gkproduction!) Next up, Stu Maschwitz's outstanding The DV Rebel Guide

This contest starts today and ends on Aug 23rd, 2012 at 5pm.

Here's how to enter.

- Follow StudioNow on Twitter (

If you are already following no need to unfollow and refollow – doing so repeatedly will get you blocked and banned from the contest.

Tweet the message you see highlighted below once! (There is no advantage to tweeting more than once. There is also no penalty for tweeting more than once, but you won't have any better chance of winning and you may anger your own Twitter followers if you decide to tweet more than once. Please keep track of your own entry.

Here is the Tweet:

Enter to win "The DV Rebels Guide" from @studionow. Please RT. Info at #dvrebelcontest

Official Rules: All general contest rules apply. No purchase necessary to enter or win.

1. You must be following @studionow on Twitter.
2. You must send out the above tweet EXACTLY as it appears. A failure to do so will disqualify you.
3. The contest will end on Aug 23, 2012. Winner will be announced shortly after via Twitter.
4. If users make lots of Twitter accounts in order to enter a contest more than once, they're liable to get all of their accounts suspended. Anyone found to use multiple Twitter accounts to enter will be ineligible.

StudioNow will keep a record of each tweet in a database and then a random number generator picks the winner. Due to the volume of requests we receive, we cannot and will not answer ANY questions about the contest on Twitter or via e-mail. The information you need is all right here.

Although the book was published in 2007, it still is the definitive filmmaker's bible for no budget action moviemaking:

Be a Rebel, Not a Jerk

If you're going to be impacting people's lives by blocking traffic or lighting assorted things on fire, get permission. But if you aren't hurting anyone, then make your movie by any means necessary.

Good luck!


Update: We have a winner!

AuthorDaniel Collins