Apr 12th 2012 4:27PM

With the summer travel season getting under way, StudioNow has been partnering with MapQuest to launch a new content feature series spotlighting America's national parks. Each of the 58 parks has its own page complete with guide content and a panoramic cover photo from renowned outdoor and adventure photographer QT Luong.

Working with MapQuest, StudioNow has filmed original videos for five of the top national parks with rangers from each respective park informing viewers of the best things to see and do during a visit. You can see here the Grand Canyon video here.

The World's First National Park

Established in 1872 - before our young nation had even celebrated its centennial - Yellowstone is America's first national park. You can see the one we shot here:

The MapQuest National Parks series rolls out this spring ahead of National Parks Week (April 21-29) and will be expanded throughout the year.

AuthorDaniel Collins