Dec 1st 2011 10:57AM

On setting your rates:

You have to look at yourself as providing a wholesale service. That means, if my studio charges a client $200/hour for shooting with a full set of gear, if I hire you to shoot it for me, I can NOT pay you $200/hour. Charge other studios a fair rate for your talent and time, but be mindful that they have to make a profit on your portion of their services, just like they need to make a profit on other expenses they incur. Now, the benefit to you for that lower fee (compared to what the production company is getting) is that 1) you didn't have to do in marketing to get that client and 2) you don't have to manage that client relationship. In most cases, if you're shooter, you just show up and shoot. If a corporation is hiring you directly, then by all means, charge more to account for the extra work involved with client management.


AuthorDaniel Collins