Apr 20th 2012 1:59PM

As the Southeast's only statewide nonprofit dedicated to eating disorder awareness, education and prevention, 

Eating Disorders Coalition of Tennessee

 (EDCT) serves a diverse audience of community and clinical members. Their mission is to offer hope, help and support to all who are impacted by disordered eating, and they asked StudioNow to help create a compelling video for the cause.

Our task was to create a video for their annual banquet, held this year on April 12th. StudioNow producer, Lindsay Frail, met with the organization members to talk to them about their stories and came to find out that almost everyone involved has either had or has a family member with an eating disorder. Lindsay said "I only knew what the general public knows about eating disorders, which isn't much. My friend had recently just told me she had an eating disorder so I went to her for ideas for the video. When I told the ladies of EDCT about my ideas and where they came from, they asked me to be in it!" See the video below:

Because eating disorders are such a dangerous condition (the number one most deadly mental illness, surpassing even alzheimers), we attempted to tie this video into the initiatives of their mission:

  • Educating patients, families, professionals, and the community about eating disorders
  • Facilitating a network of health care professionals to increase the availability of training opportunities and treatment resources for persons affected by eating disorders
  • Advocating to both public and private sectors for compassionate, comprehensive, and accessible treatment for patients and families suffering from eating disorders
  • Encouraging community-based outreach to foster prevention
  • Supporting research into causes, prevention, and treatment outcomes

We hope this video goes a short way in strengthening EDCT's vision to become Tennessee's premiere resource in fighting disordered eating and promoting healthy body images and positive relationships with food.

AuthorDaniel Collins