Dec 30th 2011 10:29AM

The eighth and final installment in our How to Shoot A Business Profile video series offering strategies to streamline your post-production workflow.

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If you are just starting out editing together pieces and keeping tabs on various projects simultaneously, its tempting to skip over the first step of creating a comprehensive organizational structure. If you have been editing for ages, working in an organization-less environment is almost impossible to imagine, a recipe for perfect chaos. The above video walks you through setting up a system to keep track of your projects, assets and all the various corresponding media.

This tutorial focuses on best practices in Final Cut Pro, but should translate to other platforms just as well. For the actual output settings on a given project, make sure and always confirm the specs provided on the project page, but you can see a Support Document for export and encoding tips help.

And if you are using Compressor 3, here is the StudioNow preset that you can drag onto your source file, and save for subsequent use.

The important takeaway here is that it is critical to implement a organized workflow that streamlines the amount of time required by every edit. Heavy front-end organization can dramatically reduce the amount of time you spend editing, improve your overall productivity, and most importantly, provide small shots of sanity as projects spiral or re-emerge after they have been long forgotten.

AuthorDaniel Collins