The Ultimate One Man Band Lighting Set-Up

Dec 2nd 2011 6:07PM


We recently posted a How To video on lighting an interview which you can read here. ProVideoCoalition has an excellent write up - one that is hands down the simplest and easiest to set up:

There are certain magic numbers and ratios in the film industry, and 4'x4' is one of them. The 4'x4' bounce or diffusion frame is very common in the industry because it does beautiful things in close quarters, particularly to faces. When I first tried this setup, placing a 4'x4' bounce card 2' to 3' from the subject and lighting it with a 650w fresnel, the results were exactly what I was looking for. The nose shadow was very, very soft and gentle, and it almost didn't matter where it fell because it's difficult to see. The source wraps beautifully around the average face and light reaches easily into both eyes. The reflection of the light source causes skin to appear to glow from within. This quality of light, from a large source at close distance, works well on almost everybody.
This approach is ideal for ease and quickness of set up, but look at the results! Even if you are not working alone, this approach looks to be a rock solid solution.

Read the full story here.

AuthorDaniel Collins