Apr 11th 2012 12:29PM

As if 8 performances a week and raising kids weren't enough, these parents regularly audition and prepare for their next job. Working with CafeMom, we follow Monica and Irene through busy days with kids and costumes - not to mention navigating the New York City subway with a toddler in a stroller!

Mamma Mia! All In a Day's Work

A working mom's job is never done, but what's life like for moms who work under the bright lights of Broadway? We take you backstage and into the lives of these hard-working, high-stepping moms (and dad) from the cast of the hit musical, MAMMA MIA!

In Februrary and March, our cameras followed 4 members of the Broadway musical, Mamma Mia! around New York City for CafeMom's 10 episode season 1 series It's Showtime! On Broadway with Kids. We followed 2 actresses, 1 actor and the Wardrobe Supervisor behind the scenes as they not only held their full time job on Broadway, but we also got to take a glimpse into their life as parents when they're not on the stage.

Most Broadway stars work at night while their spouse works during the day. We shine a light on how these couples juggle not only their work lives and their kids, but their relationships with each other as well. Not only were our cameras allowed into the homes of these families, but our cameras were allowed into performances and closed rehearsals.

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