May 11th 2012 10:07AM


On Saturday, March 31, 2012, TEDxNashville hosted its third annual event titled "Impact - Making a Difference" at the Tennessee Performing Arts Center in Nashville. Distinguished leaders in technology, entertainment, design, science, art, education, government, public policy, healthcare and other areas shared remarkable discoveries and ideas focused on creating positive changes in our society.

- Naivete trumps the curse of knowledge -

StudioNow has been instrumental in the genesis of TEDxNashville, beginning the first year in 2010, with leadership from Account Management director Annie Klaver. Helping to bring the unique and inimitable style of Nashville to TED, StudioNow has been the lead sponsor for the event and has produced the videos of all the talks for the past two years (see 2011 videos here). What kind of material was covered this year? Here are a few samples:

- How to trick people into buying crap -

The leadership team of TEDxNashville comprises successful entrepreneurs, artists, technologists, communication professionals, philanthropists and PhDs. Building on the highly successful 2010 event titled "Art + Science: The Future of Health" and the 2011 event "A Sense of Wonder," this team has established a program that inspires the local community to engage in innovation for social change and serve as the foundation for a strong, ongoing TEDx presence in Middle Tennessee.

The full list of talks are available in one place, TEDxNashville - 3/31/2012. Then, after you have watched all 5:32:15 hours of the event, let us know which is your favorite.

AuthorDaniel Collins