Jan 31st 2012 7:00PM

Nominees for the 2011 Nowwies below. To see the winners, watch above!

Best Voiceover
1 Scott Fortney for E-Mergency
2 Bobbin Beam for Carlsbad Beach Inn Resort
3 Jeff Preston for Rookie Sports Bar
4 Diane Merritt for All American Remodeling

Best Animation 
1 Todd "WTF" Hallam for Horrible Things Book Trailer
2 Sam Hakes for One Love Book Trailer
3 Ken Walz for Above The Influence-ONDCP "Concrete Riders" Graphics

Best Business Profile 
1 Chris Low for Nourmand Law Firm APC
2 Jimmy Newson for Left Coast Kitchen & Cocktails
3 Lafe Blobaum for Chef Rob & Company
4 Robert Chapman for Bird Rock Massage
5 John Morgan for Peas & Thank You

Best Editing
1 Brian Cooney for Blue Monster Awards
2 Ali Maleki for Greyson Chance - Behind the Scenes
3 Josh Camerote for Fire It Up

Best Scramble 
1 Frank Door for ResCom Pest Control
2 Alexander Kostic for York Spa
3 Roger Timm for Gary Gold Property Listing

Best Storytelling 
1 Sam Randazzo for Damned by Chuck Palahniuk
2 Thom Oakerson for Back to School
3 Jace Freeman for Keith Urban Tour Preview

Best Cinematography
1 Clyde Garrido for How to Film a Business Profile - Proper Audio Technique
2 Dustin Harrison-Atlas for Walmart: Family Night
3 Carlos De La Vega for H.S. Player of the Week - Ellis McCarthy

Most Improved 
1 Lee Strauss for The Butterfly Place
2 Mark O'Brien for Ocean Glass Company
3 Eric Alexander for John Irving - In One Person Interview

Best Work By Production Company
1 Revolution Pictures for Verizon Vignettes - Weightlifter
2 The Work for Above the Influence-ONDCP: Zombies
3 FrozenFire for Craig DeSpain

1 Leeman Leclair for Mercedes (RBM) of North Atlanta
2 Diana McGaw for H.S. Player of the Week - Gehrig Dieter
3 Steve Janas for CEO Interviews - Bill McNabb - Vanguard Group

Lifetime Achievement Award

Danny Foxx

AuthorDaniel Collins