For the past few months, we have been partnering with Stylelist to create stunning fashion photography all over the country. The series has a few different incarnations, but each is created in a similar way. We tap one of our premium photographers from our creative network and send them to a specific event or location to find the local everyday style in that market. The results, which you can see below, have been phenomenal.

Everyday Style: Tailgating

StyleList is pleased to introduce our new series entitled, "4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates," where we take a look at how women across the country dress for every season. We've tracked down women from New York, LA, Charlotte and Chicago and other cities to capture their style on the street. The series will highlight another city and showcase the fashionable women who live, work and play.

Take a look through the slideshows below to see our favorite street style moments

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Dallas

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Seattle

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Chicago

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: Charlotte

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates The City of Angels

4 Cities, 4 Looks, 4 Climates: The Big Apple

Everyday Style: On the slopes

We are taking trips to ski towns Mammoth Lakes, CA and Aspen and Vail, Colorado and Killington, VT to see how the ski bunnies are dressing this time of year and we must say, they aren't letting the cold stop them from looking super winter-chic.Take a look through the full slideshow below

Mammoth Lakes and Vail

We are shooting the last two weekends in December and look forward to continuing this great series in 2013!

AuthorDaniel Collins