Danny Foxx has been a filmmaker with StudioNow since 2008. If you have never encountered him, he is a force of nature, a fast talker (in 3 different languages!), runs One Way Studios in Los Angeles, California, shoots 2-3 independent features every year and still finds time to take just about any project we can get him on. 

Even though he is a terrible speller, he never lets a client down. Sometimes even at his own expense. Over his thirty years working in production, his motto, "I'm on it" has established him as someone who always finds a way to deliver the goods. His drive to earn a client's trust and happiness on each job is the factor that keeps him in high demand — even in slow times.

As such, he is an obvious pick for our inaugural testimonial series. In fact, the idea behind "Reversing The Lens" in many ways originated with some of the insight and passion that Danny exudes in his work. Before we turn it over to The Foxx, this and forthcoming testimonials were volunteered by their creator as an opportunity to speak candidly about their experiences working with StudioNow while also to reveal some of their strategies that have helped them professionally. 

It's very likely that a Part Two may come out of this same interview — or let us know if you would like to see the whole piece in full.  Thanks, Danny!

AuthorDaniel Collins