A stori A film is a production company based out of New York City. Starting in 2009, Andrew Waffenschmidt and John Gebhart formed A stori A film to create web content for several corporate clients, as well as work with several independent film producers. As a team, they produce a wide array of content, from testimonial videos, sketch comedy, dramatic narrative, music videos, to promo videos. While each of them is a well-rounded filmmaker in his own right, their partnership works because John brings a strong eye as a videographer, while Andrew makes the magic happen in post-production.

Not only do John and Andrew thrive in the competitive production landscape in New York City, but they also find time to give back. For a second year in a row, they will be returning to Winona, Minnesota to teach a workshop on filmmaking to a group of high school students, where they help the class make a short film in just 6 days. So it was no surprise that they offered to speak about their experiences working with StudioNow. As the third part in the “Reversing The Lens” series, A stori A film provides a look into a small company that we recently recruited and how our partnership has grown their business. Thanks, Andrew and John! 


AuthorDaniel Collins