When Mike Shum is not making movies in Denver, Colorado, he often can be found wearing a bullet proof vest and helmet in war torn and post conflict countries. He has an apartment in Africa that he uses as a home base when he is freelancing for various news agencies. And even though he is highly driven and passionate about his work, he remains personable and great with clients and crew. He seems to always be one step ahead of what the client wants on set.

Mike has been a filmmaker with StudioNow since 2011. Between commercial shoots for StudioNow and other clients, Mike specializes in documentary media, corporate profiles, and visual journalism. His work has taken him to the Congo and many other countries. He's even certified in battlefield medical response training for goodness sake. His work has appeared on The New York Times, The Economist, USA Today, France 24, The Huffington Post and CNN International among others.

Mike's willingness to tackle any job has opened him up to a lot of opportunities. His client centric focus is obvious on every project. We are honored to have him appear in our "Reversing The Lens" series, particularly as Mike volunteered the chance to speak candidly about his experience working with StudioNow. He also provides a few strategies that have helped him succeed personally and professionally.  

AuthorDaniel Collins