In case you missed the 2nd Annual Nowwies award show that aired on April 22, 2013, you can watch the whole thing in all its HD glory here.  The nomination and selection process was an enormous challenge given the sheer volume of outstanding work but — it also meant that many, many worthy contenders went unmentioned. Below we list out the Nowwinners in each category:

Best Voice Over - Mandy Kaplan Pushing the Limits for Harlequin

Best Animation - Greg Pope Alma Gloria and the Olive Tree

Best Business Profile - Mike Bosland Fantazy Motorsports for Citygrid

Best Editing - Brian Cooney "Kellogg's Rice Krispies" for Kelloggs

Best Scramble - Kory 'Road Warrior' Smith "Venice Mundle-Harvey Agent Video" for Patch

Best Cinematography - Diana McGaw "Josh Harker" for VAULT

Best New Artist - Jaron Henrie-McCrea "Hetrick Martin Institute" for AOL

Best Work By a Production Company - Taillight "Toyota Choose Control" for Toyota

The Foxx Award for Lifetime Achievement - Joshua Camerote

Video Of the Year - "Share America" for VERIZON

You can see all the spots here.

AuthorDaniel Collins