We recently produced a spot for Pulte Homes, after they had spent thousands of hours talking to prospective homeowners about "how they live in their current homes and what they want most in their next home." Through their research, Pulte developed a concept called "New Life Tested Home Designs" inspired directly from homeowners. For such a big company, Pulte strives to offer a custom process of creating a unique home for each customer. They came to us with a problem: how do we communicate Pulte's home-building  process of unparalleled customization in a short video? 

Projects like this are made for StudioNow — the nearly infinite reach of our creative network means we can hand pick a doc film team with the background, passion and expertise to tell this human story in a personal and emotional way. As soon as we had UJI Films onboard, we were able to translate much of the client's rudimentary needs into a compelling vision:

  • The campaign was shot in 3 cities - Austin, Minneapolis, Detroit with 3 separate crews in our network. Edits and graphics by UJI films located here in Nashville. 
  • Delivered a first cut in about a week - 1 long edit with 9 breakout spots
  • Over 360,000 views in the first month (over 500K now!)

Producer Ryan Parrish said, "With limited time and multiple locations across the country, we were able to pull together and effectively execute the story of Pulte Homes unique Life Tested Living process. UJI films was a huge asset in making the whole picture come together."

Delivering a project like this is possible when the core of your business is underpinned by:

  1. A vast network of creatives dispersed across the planet
  2. An intuitive, online platform to collaborate and streamline the production process
  3. An in-house team of whiz-kid producers who can realize and execute creative visions

See the video below:

AuthorDaniel Collins