In mid April, Politico asked us to create a series of 7 videos profiling their target audience, the "most influential people in the country," or as they put it, "Politicos," which they define as:

1. An elite consumer of essential news about politics and governance, usually for professional purposes - but always to obtain a sophisticated understanding of the most important issues facing the country.  

2. A person who is active and influential in their community and who shares and shapes opinions on everything from politics to consumer goods due to their passion and expertise.   

To complete the series, we were asked to film in Washington D.C., Cincinnati, Los Angeles and New Orleans. Producer William Wiegman stated "We had a week and half to turn around SEVEN 90 second videos profiling various influential Politico readers across the country. The videos were shown at Politico's Influencer Upfront Event for advertisers on May 8 in DC."

Each video was to be shot and edited by a local crew from our network. Initially, this may seem like a disaster because the videos have to share a conformity of style, look and tone. However, the StudioNow platform not only lends tremendous resources in aligning each of the editors to a stylized final product, but it also allows our producers to oversee the collaborate in delivering a consistent product from each market. 

After the videos were released online, Erik Wemple at the Washington Post commented that, "There’s a fabulous promotional series on the advertising section of Politico’s website. It’s a bunch of expertly produced video testimonials on Politico and the brand of news it presents." Wemple's article discusses the subsequent controversy surrounding confusion between editorial vs advertising uses of the video. It's a fun and telling read.

This series of videos is a great example where a regular, boring profile video can be turned into a visually stimulating and dynamic story — appealing to audiences beyond the targeted viewer. Politico was thrilled with the videos stating that they were the highlight of the conference, setting the tone for the whole event. We couldn't agree more. It's exactly what we strive to achieve with each and every video we deliver. 


AuthorDaniel Collins