Take a look at this year's demo reel (or the previous ones) and you can get a sense of the type of work we did over the past 12 months. But what might not be clear is the other half of our business, Channel Productions, the side that creates video at enterprise scale. 

In many ways, it's the one thing that sets us apart from traditional production companies.  

  • Many production companies can create wicked smart video.
  • Many production companies have "go-to" crews that they consistently tap for projects. 
  • Many production companies have online management systems. 

We do these things too. 

But when StudioNow began (in 2007), we based our model on a decentralized network of creative professionals. Densely located across the country, it not only greatly reduces costs but also improves order-shoot-completion times. A distributed network eliminates geographic barriers while also keeping everything local. Our broad coverage allows simultaneous production to effectively erase volume constraints. 

To make it all happen, our online platform makes everything realtime, collaborative and endlessly simple. An elegant end-to-end solution, it provides a customized and powerful workflow for your production needs.

But what about the human touch? Is everything outsourced to Bangalore? Quite the contrary. We have a whole team of in-house producers dedicated to each client — guaranteeing smooth project schedules and delighted customers. The Channel team makes sure high volume stays on track with high quality. And as for the network of creatives, we have a team fully devoted to them, curating and maintaining the best talent in every market. 

AuthorDaniel Collins