On January 29, 2014, we published a revised version of the Creative Network Service Agreement. Your continued use of StudioNow means you agree to those documents so please take a minute to read and understand them here.

In this article we wanted to set out below a basic summary of our Creative Network Service Agreement for your convenience. We are not lawyers and do not play one on youtube, so it is still up to you to read the document in full.   

By registering for the StudioNow network, you agree that we may reach out to you about potential work from time to time. You can opt out of the StudioNow network at any time by contacting us. The projects are not final until you accept them. All projects run through a Project Page on our online platform, which has information and production materials outlining the scope of the project and the compensation agreed upon. The Project Page serves as a scope of services agreement. You'll be responsible for any taxes with regards to payment. You are an independent contractor for StudioNow, not an employee, and as such are not entitled to benefits, disability, worker's comp, unemployment or other outside-of-project compensation.

For the full version, please view:

Terms and Conditions

AuthorDaniel Collins