Konova K2 Slider

Whether you are new to video production or a seasoned filmmaker, a slider is a great piece of gear to take your production to the next level. Sliders are easy to operate, fairly portable, and extremely versatile. Throw a slider on a tripod and break away from the typical panning or stagnant shot. Use it to create “reveal" shots that slide around a corner, or introduce subjects slowly into the frame. Use it to add some dynamic motion to an interview. Get Creative! Most people think of sliders as adding a simple side-to-side motion to their video, but with the right combination of tripod heads and a little bit of practice you can orient your slider vertically to get some awesome up-and-down shots. 

If you are thinking about purchasing your first slider, replacing your old one, or just adding a second to your arsenal, we recommend Konova Sliders. Konova offers a wide range of affordable sliders to meet any filmmaker’s needs. Their base model, the K2, comes in 4 different sizes - 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, and 120cm. For most productions, we find that 60cm is more than enough length, and you can’t beat the price at $229.00 (On sale as of this posting for $189 on their website).

Another great thing about the Konova K2 is it’s versatility, and available accessories. The legs are fully adjustable to adapt to various surfaces, and the slider is equipped with 1/4” and 3/8" threads throughout for attaching the slider to tripods and light stands, as well as adding friction arms for monitors and lights. Available accessories include a crank handle set for smoother slides, and a remote motion controller for automated use. 

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Caleb Pike at DSLRVideoShooter.com reviews the Konova K2


AuthorCameron Gray