This blog was written by StudioNow Creative Network Intern, Alina Tichacek

Video is a passion, a way of life. It is a calling, consuming you like nothing else.

But what happens when your life calling begins to feel routine? What do you do when the creative spark and unquenchable thirst is, well, quenched?

No artist is immune to dry spells. Some days the ideas flow so fast you can barely keep up, but other times even the simplest of tasks can become an intense struggle.

A creative block is not the end of a career, but rather a turning point. It is how you respond to and learn from the dry spells that determines whether you are truly an artist or just a hobbyist.

I have no doubt that each of our creatives is an artist. It is inspiring to view the professionalism and creativity with which you tackle each of your projects. I know you are all more than capable of moving above and beyond the turning point of a creative block.

If you’re eager to learn how to get past your block, read on for some tips on rediscovering your passion for video.

1. Stop Working and Just Play 

When you first began making video, it was because you wanted to make a video, not because you had a deadline to meet. Sometimes all we need to do to reignite our creativity is to go back to roots of what made us choose video in the first place.

Take a step back from your “real” projects and work on a video just for fun again. Choose a subject that you’ve always dreamed of working on, and just go for it. Who knows, you just might end up with some of your best work.

2. Explore Your Hobbies

As a professional artist, it’s tempting to put aside the rest of your hobbies. That’s the worst thing you can do for your art.

Art is born of a diverse range of interests, inspirations, and experiences. To reinvigorate your passion for video, you need to explore your other passions as well.

Perhaps you love to read. Curl up with a good book and learn the fundamental building blocks of a good story, a crucial part of any art form.

Take a walk outside and stop to notice the beauty around you. Nature has a way of clearing the mind and allowing the ideas to flow, helping us to find our center and regain right perspectives.

Whatever it is that makes you happy and distressed, go do it. Nurture your inner artist by taking a step back to reenergize and refocus. 

3. Collaborate with Other Videographers

Working with the same people for too long can lead to stale ideas.  Without creative new ideas, video can start to feel routine.

Take a step outside of your comfort zone and collaborate with new videographers. If you usually work alone, try working with a team. If you work with the same team all the time, switch it up for a project or two and invite a new member to your crew. The fresh set of eyes may provide the perfect jumpstart you need.

Video is still the same medium you fell in love with years ago. Don’t let creative fatigue steal your passion away from you. Rediscover your passion and awaken the artist within.

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