MarTechSeries: Interview with David Mason, CEO and Founder, StudioNow

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Tell us about your role and journey into technology. What made you start StudioNow?

I have been an entrepreneur for the past 25 years. Along the way, I have dabbled with having a normal job here or there, but always found that my passion was to create ideas and companies from scratch. My key ingredients have always been to identify a large-scale trend (internet retail, WiFi communications, digital video, etc.) and then create a new business model for that industry that utilized technology to disrupt the status quo. I started one of the first internet bookstores in 1994, which later became, which was then sold to Rakuten. I started StudioNow in 2007 because I was taking a ton of birthday and vacation pictures of my five- and two-year-olds at the time and never got around to doing anything cool with that content. While thousands of these pictures and videos were clogging up my hard drive other and more experienced individuals with film school backgrounds and editing software were uploading funny and entertaining videos to YouTube and generating millions of views. My original idea was to create a marketplace where less experienced individuals (people like me) could be matched with video experts to turn their pictures and videos into something that was worth watching. StudioNow 1.0 was born and on the first day, we had about 80 video professionals sign up to be part of the StudioNow Creative Network. Fast forward to today, and we now have over 10,000 creative vendors from mom and pop creative shops to some of the largest, high-end production companies in the world. We stopped making video content for individuals in 2008 and our software platform now manages the video creation process (vendor sourcing, bidding, project management, contracting, payment, etc.) for some of the largest companies in the world, including Coca-Cola, P&G, HP, Bridgestone, etc.

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Creative Network Story: Guy Bauer


In this week’s story, we were inspired by Guy Bauer, StudioNow Creative Network member since 2015 and founder of Guy Bauer Productions. Specializing in visual storytelling, Guy gives StudioNow the scoop about how to craft videos that get results. Guy shares his personal experience in how to achieve awesome video productions and how to go from good to great.

StudioNow: Where do you call home?

Guy Bauer: Chicago, IL

StudioNow: What do you do?

Guy Bauer:I own a video production company called, wait for it….Guy Bauer. Productions. We help our clients win more customers through amazing video. We’re really more than just a production company, we’re really a creative agency at heart that built up awesome production capabilities. What this leads to is the ability to take our clients’ business objectives and create unique creative solutions through video. We’re currently building capabilities that take us beyond video production into brand development, websites, apps, etc…

StudioNow: How did you get started in film and video production?

Guy Bauer: When I was in the 7th grade (1993), I made my first video on my dad’s VHS camcorder for a school project. I’ve been hooked ever since.

StudioNow: When given a blank canvas, what’s your creative approach with a new project?

Guy Bauer: Imagine this is the last project I’ll ever make. This forces me to make it great instead of good. Good sucks. I try to erase my memory and build an idea for the client completely custom to their goals and my internal nerdy drive to keep climbing the mountain that can not be summited called, “The Perfect Video.” That being said, I watch a s*#$ ton of commercials on TV and online so I’ve always got some ideas swirling around.

StudioNow: Share with us you most recent/favorite piece of work.  How is it reflective of your style and what about it are your most proud of?

Guy Bauer: This is our company's main landing page video entitled, "So You Need to Make a Video?" This is me in a nutshell: simple, humorous, and authentic. What I love about it was the big risk we took by not having a reel as the first thing a potential client sees. Looking back it was the right choice because it tells our customer's story, instead of just tooting our own horn.  

StudioNow: What’s next for you?

Guy Bauer: I’m in this for the long play. I’m 35 right now and I intend on doing this until I die which gives me another 40-50 years, hopefully. So, I am extremely patient when it comes to what’s next. What’s next is getting better every day and trying to get everyone at my company to go on that journey with me. I like John Wooden’s approach of giving 100% every day and letting the scoreboard take care of itself. Some life dreams would be making a Super Bowl spot, directing a Star Trek movie and buying a Tesla! 

StudioNow: What would you say sets you apart from others in your field?

Guy Bauer: Working very very very very, and I mean, extremely, “holy moly, Guy, you were serious,” HARD. I do not have the most talent or the best eye but what I do have is a high pain tolerance when it comes to putting in the hours. I’m also obsessed with time management, which let’s me do more in a day than the average person.

StudioNow: If you could tell your story through your work, how would you?

Guy Bauer: I would show you the first video I made professionally back in 2010 when I was starting my business.  It was a puppy video I edited for $50 for a client I got from a freelancing website. I would then show you our company’s latest spot for Walgreen’s. One was made by an individual, one was made by a company - this says it all.

StudioNow: What/who inspires you?

Guy Bauer: Everything! Just keep your eyes and ears open and you’ll have all the ideas in the world. The best makers are the best consumers so I just watch everything that comes my way. Right now my biggest influencers are my two girls, Lili and Marielle - they are fun and keep my wife and me young.


StudioNow: What other forms of media and art do you draw inspiration from? Art, design, fashion, architecture, music, etc.

Guy Bauer: Here’s a weird fun fact: Since 2003, anytime I’m writing a script I’m listening to Live’s, “Throwing Copper,” album on a loop. 

Thanks to Guy for sharing his story. Be sure to check out Guy Bauer Productions.

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