Improved Vendor Management in the StudioNow Platform

We’re pleased to announce the release of our newest feature in the StudioNow Platform, Vendor Management. The release of Vendor Management introduces a major component into StudioNow that will more readily assist producers in the selection of Vendors for projects. The ability to more quickly find and narrow the field to select the right vendor candidates is expected to be a dramatic efficiency gain. In the near future, this feature will also serve up even more detailed vendor-provided information and continue to help users manage their vendor relationships.

Let's take a look at how this feature works.

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Top 7 Powerful Video Marketing Trends for 2017


The current video marketing trends both shape and are shaped by the platforms used and the consumers viewing. It’s important to understand what works and what doesn’t, while also keeping an eye to the future of video production and brand awareness. These 7 video marketing trends are everything right now, but don’t get too comfortable. Change is always on the horizon.

Influencer Teams

Influencer marketing is having a moment right now, even with a few faux pas surrounding the Fyre Festival a few months ago. In fact, 92% of buyers still trust the word of a person over a brand. To maintain that power, influencers are joining together, creating power teams like Jake Pauls’ TeamDom. Expect to see more teams form as Jake’s new venture has potential for a combined 7 billion views and 40 million followers. 

Multiple Platforms

Generation Z already holds $44 billion in spending power. Include the influence they have within the household, that number can rise to $200 billion. Those buyers use five screens seamlessly on a daily basis, moving from TV to phone, to desktop, to gaming devices, to tablets. Millennials, who spend $65 billion and influence up to $1 trillion in spending each year, bounce between three screens. Your video should be optimized for all of them.

Facebook Video

People may now watch 1 billion hours of YouTube per day, but marketers still have their eye turned more to Facebook video. Right now, 100 million hours of video are watched each day on Facebook. Brands seem to prefer Facebook, according to the latest reports, because of the native properties.

Web Design Integration

Good web designers know that something—anything—must catch the attention of a site visitor within mere seconds, or that user will bounce. Video seems to be the answer to all their wishes. If people spend an average of 2.6 times longer on pages with video, then bounce rates are sure to improve. And if the video is incorporated into a landing page, conversion rates can increase by 80%.

Clash of the Stories

Watching Snap Inc.’s stock plummet since it's widely hailed IPO might be enough to convince many that the disappearing content fad is fading. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead, most other social networks have created their own version of the feature, including Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, and WhatsApp Status. In fact, Instagram Stories has far outstripped Snapchat for number of users.

Short Attention Spans

Consumers still love a good story, but now we have to tell them in eight seconds or less. That’s the general attention span for a Generation Z consumer. Beyond attention span issues, you must also deal with the buying public’s avoidance of ads. YouTube has picked up the trend, using six-second bumper ads for their longer videos. Facebook isn’t far behind, as it preps brands to cut videos to six seconds. 

The Future: The StudioNow Platform and Creative Network

The idea of creating marketing video can be overwhelming, especially to new brands and smaller businesses. Our platform takes the guesswork and intimidation out of commissioning video production, allowing you to source and evaluate proposals and consolidate vendor management and billing. In other words, we make all the current trends even easier.

StudioNow is here to help you harness the power of these trends in your video marketing. With an eye always to the future of video production for brand awareness, we’re on top of the trends as they’re forming—as evidenced by our proprietary platform. If you’d like to schedule a demo of the StudioNow platform, give us a call.



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