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How do Marketing and Advertising Professionals Feel about the Rapidly Evolving Video Landscape?

Posted by David Mason on Jul 18, 2018 2:47:01 PM

Today’s video content landscape is rapidly evolving, and marketing and advertising professionals need to keep up. But how do they feel about the changes, and what effects are they seeing as a result? writes, David Mason, Co-founder and CEO, StudioNow

It’s no surprise that the way marketers and advertisers reach their audiences has dramatically shifted over the last few years – just look at the influx of new video content channels and tech advancements. Now we have brands trying to reach the eyes of their target consumer on TV, on their phones, on their tablets, in their apps… the list goes on.

I was curious to find out how these industry professionals felt about the evolving landscape. Have they faced new challenges as a result of new technologies? Have they seen an increase in demand for online video content vs. TV ads? Do the same processes and economic models that they have been utilizing for years still work for today’s needs?
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Topics: digital content marketing

Why The Industry Needs To Embrace Transparency, Not Fear It

Posted by David Mason on Jul 17, 2018 5:14:56 PM

A proliferation of platforms and screens coupled with more sophisticated targeting techniques and technologies is driving a massive digital transformation for the creative ecosystem (brands, agencies and production vendors). As a result, exponentially more content needs to be created for these new platforms to support micro targeting and increase user engagement.

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Digital Studios On The Rise

Posted by David Mason on May 17, 2017 2:59:54 PM

In order to meet the demands of the rapidly growing and changing digital video market, big brands, publishers and agencies are all on a mad dash to ramp in-house content creation capabilities, including the creation of full blown studios to produce video content 24/7.  According to eMarketer, "this is a landmark year for digital video. It tied with social media in 2014 when it comes to average time spent per day engaging with different digital activities. In 2015, digital video finally pulled ahead. Users are spending an average of 1:55 with digital video each day, and only 1:44 on social networks."  Same goes for growth in the digital advertising space.  Video ad spending is growing faster than all other ad formats.

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Winter is Here

Posted by David Mason on Feb 23, 2017 12:02:04 PM

AdAge published a brilliant article canvasing the tech/media/agency/consulting/brand ecosystem. It was written by Alexandra Bruell, and titled "The Agency of the Future is Coming. Are You Ready?" The first line grabs you by the collar, "WINTER IS COMING."  

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